Wednesday, January 3, 2007

On Reading

I've been thinking (believe it or not). When so many people are using the Internet or watching TV, how many still read books? I used to read tons of books... I think I've read about 3/4 of the books in our house (and we have a lot of books), a good number of which I've read several times. But over the year's, it's gradually dwindled to a very small number. As I've had some more free time lately, I've been trying to get back into it again. I'm happy to say that it is definitely well worth it.

Here's a couple of books I've read lately that I really enjoyed.

How Sleep the Brave, by James Hunter.
This book is historical fiction (fiction in history) about the persecution of the Presbyterian Kirk of Scotland by King James Stuart of England. It's a really neat story about the incredible exploits of Duncan Fenwick (I am not sure how much of the book is real) and how he took up the cause of the Kirk to become the Black Avenger, the avenger and protector of the weak and helpless of the land. I think Duncan is somewhat based upon William Wallace, the real (almost legendary) defender of Scotland (on which Braveheart is based.) This book is exciting, has a beautiful love story threaded through it, and demonstrates throughout simple faith and trust in God acting in difficult situations. A very good book (though it is a little over-dramatic at times.)

Twice Pardoned, by Harold Morris.
This book is the life-story of Harold Morris, an ex-con. He writes telling about his own life as he moved from starting a friendship with some slick criminals. His 'friends' got caught and framed him so well that he was sent to the Georgia State Penitentiary with two life sentences. He quickly became a hardened convict, until by the grace of God, his family finally tracked him down and started visiting him. He finally gave his life to Christ, and after much hard work and petitions received his freedom (hence the name 'Twice Pardoned'). This book is quite a powerful testimony.. I read most of it twice. (It is NOT a kid's book however.)

Three Shall Be One, by Francena Arnold
(F. A. is also author of Not My Will, which I haven't read, but I believe it is quite well-known).
This fiction starts off with a happy marriage between a lonely woman (Pat) and a lonely man (Tony), and is told from Pat's perspective. Pat and Tony are not Christians, but are very happy together (the two are one). However, things start to go wrong between the two when Tony's mother-in-law steps in. Midway through the book, Pat gets in a car accident, and gets a solid case of amnesia. Tony, meanwhile, thinks that Pat has separated from him and has run off. I'm not going to wreck the ending (which has quite a non-expected twist), but suffice it to say that they both come to love the Lord, and are reconciled to each other, such that Three Shall Be One (Christ becomes the center of their marriage).
This was the second time I read this book. The first time I read it, the ending didn't make any sense to me. But now that I reread it, everything made sense. Very well-written, and quite an enjoyable book.

If any of you have any good books you'd like to suggest, then comment away! Brad V. also has an excellent post on reading books at his blog: