Saturday, May 24, 2008

Catfish Season

Catfish season is just starting in Jordan Harbour, as the weather is finally starting to warm up. I went fishing for a bit today with Derek and Elliot (two neighbour guys from Trinity). I didn't catch any big ones (the two biggest are shown here), but Derek caught a five-pound one before I got there.

I think this one was about a pound or so.

And one last picture of a beautiful sunrise I saw a couple of days ago from out of my bedroom window!

Friday, May 16, 2008

And Some Pics....

Here's a couple of pictures... maybe you've seen some of them already, and maybe you haven't.

Tepic in the early morning.

Jim Vannette vs. Paco.... can you guess who won?

Paco, Carlos, Marcos, and myself.

Angie at the beach.

On top of Cera de la Cruz.

Sophia, Edmundo & Elouisa's little girl. :)


As some of you (whoever is reading this, which I doubt is many :) ) may know, I just got back from the ELM mission trip. A team of about 10 of us (3 from Ontario, 7 from Holland, MI) went down to Tepic, Mexico for the annual mission trip. We kept a blog of the trip on the ELM website (go to Team Blog 2008 on the site). It was an excellent trip! Highlights from the trip for me were:

1. The devotions. The theme was how we can, how we should be, and how we are already equipped to be doing missions right here in Canada. Of course, there is a difference between ordained mission work and our own 'mission' work. But the emphasis for us (which is challenging in our Dutch Reformed mindsets) is that we need to be to be actively looking, thinking, and praying about ways we can reach out to those around us who we know and who we don't know. Going on a mission trip is a great opportunity, but really, as individuals and as a church, we can be doing much the same things here!

2. The church there. It was a blessing to see how the church has been growing in Tepic. Not so much numerically (though that too), but spiritually, as God works in their lives slowly but surely.

3. Practicing my Spanish! This was a lot of fun.

There are a good number of pictures on the Team Blog, as well as on Richard & Angela's blog. I hope to put a couple up here too.