Sunday, March 9, 2008

Snow !!!

This morning we woke up to a beautiful surprise... the snow had stopped, the trees were covered in ice, and the sun was shining! What a storm that was!

I took these pictures at mid-day, when it wasn't quite as pretty as in the morning unfortunately.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Honduras Pictures!

Honduras is a beautiful country, filled with lots of foothills and ridges. This picture was taken soon before we landed in the capital of Honduras. We didn't go into regions quite this rugged, but it does give you a little bit of a sense of what the driving is like.

This was taken just outside of Comayagua (where the Langendoen's live). I think it had just rained not long before. At one time, Honduras was covered by jungle and forests. However, large parts have been deforested, due to fires and tree-cutting.

The two Langendoen girls, Davina (left) and Eva (right).

Here you can see the three of us (me, Jonathan, and Melanie). This was the first VBS program we had, at the church.

The following three pictures were taken in the South where we had two programs in two different communities (Nueva Reunion and Ojo de Agua). Both communities were very poor but had LOTS of kids. :)

Nueva Reunion church.

Ojo de Agua (Eye of Water) church.

We played a lot of soccer in the south. Here, however, we were teaching the kids a Canadian (British?) game... British Bulldog. It worked quite well and was a lot of fun to see all the kids running.

Cockroaches. Mrs. Langendoen brought us out one night to LISTEN to them in the back compost heap. You could hear them loudly munching and crunching away all over the pile!

And ants. This was actually a lot of fun. I killed about 7 big red ants and stuck them close to a ant hole. I took this picture about a minute later. I counted 144 ants!

The Langendoen's had a nice palm tree in their front yard. I wanted to climb it, but Jonathan Langendoen had almost got badly hurt before trying to climb it, so that was out. However, while studying one morning, I decided to try to rig something up. So I took two dust mops and strapped them together. Using this as a long pole, I lifted up a lasso knot while Eva twisted the rope to work it around the coconuts. It worked very well! It was a lot of fun, though my study break was a lot longer than it probably should have been. :)

Taken from the balcony at the Langendoen's house. The tree in the foreground actually lost all its leaves while we were there and grew completely new ones. I never thought we would be raking leaves in the Honduras in February, but we were!

Mom said this was a Bogenvillia (spelling?) plant. It grew on top of the wall around the Langendoen's house.

The tarantula. This was a medium size. We saw another one later that was quite a bit bigger.

And finally, a fish picture. We went fishing in some (stocked) ponds just outside of Comayagua. This size was typical. (Sorry, I don't remember the name of the fish.)