Saturday, July 18, 2009


My latest, greatest effort at cooking... harvest casserole.

If you come over soon enough, I'll even let you have some! :) Though you better hurry, 'cause it's .....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Edmonton Fishing

Today I went fishing with Mr. Klaas VanderVeen and Rev. Pols. The fishing wasn't quite as good as the last time... but we did still make out pretty well, as you can see. These were all the fish we three kept (I didn't catch all of these.... don't worry.) Rev. Pols caught the most as well as the biggest one, which was probably about 3 pounds.

I did do pretty well though, even getting some fish on some of my biggest lures. I tried the Baramundi Mauler, Curt & Jer, but didn't get anything on that one unfortunately. :)

We also saw on the trip two bald eagle's, some loons, and a big white pelican.

Afterwards, we went over to the VanderVeen's and had a nice dinner there together (Mr. and Mrs. VanderVeen, Rev. & Mrs. Pols, and Kevin VanderVeen, a grand-son).

This picture is of the bright yellow canola fields on the way home. Beautiful!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Long Overdue Pictures #2 - The Sky... of Wisconsin, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta

About three weeks ago, I drove out to Edmonton to start an internship there with the Edmonton ORC church (a URC). I haven't taken any pictures out here yet, unfortunately, but I did take a lot of pictures on the road trip. 3500 km, in toto! I took three days to do it, which allowed for a fairly easy driving schedule (13, 9, 8 hours I believe). It was a very enjoyable trip. I listened to some music, a good number of sermons, as well as the complete audiobook of Dostoyevesky's "The Karamazov Brothers".

The main thing that impressed me on the trip was the sky. The sky is so big out here! Everything is so flat (especially in Saskatchewan) that you can see for miles and miles. That means that you can see much more of the sky than in Ontario. On my second day, I was chasing a storm for quite some time. I went right through a violent part of it, as you can see. The downpours are quite torrential (though localized).

The Trip.

Approaching a down-pour.

In the middle of the down-pour.

Saskatchewan. No trees for as far as you can see.

After a storm, #1. No set of pictures on a trip through the Prairies (aka 'Grain Basket') would be complete with a picture of the ubiquitous grain elevator).

After a storm, #2. I think this is my favourite picture.


He has made the earth by His power;
He has established the world by His wisdom,
And stretched out the heaven by His understanding.

When He utters His voice--
There is a multitude of waters in the heavens:
He causes the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth;
He makes lightnings for the rain;
He brings the wind out of His treasuries."

(Jeremiah 51:15-16).

Long Overdue Pictures #1 - Where I Stay in Chicago

A certain dear cousin of mine has lately been after me to update this blog. So, I have overcome my tardiness and procastinatory nature (for the present, at least), and have chosen some pictures to post. These pictures are of the Swets' house, where I stayed in Chicago. It's quite a pretty house, as you can see. The Swets have put a lot of work into it. The yard is quite large as well, and extends a long ways backwards. Very nice for studying, though I'm afraid I haven't availed myself of the backyard too often. :( I'll have to rectify that next year.

It has been very nice to stay here. The Swets are very kind & sociable, love to play games :), and always include us students (Aaron V. and myself) in the life of the household.