Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pictures of Visit and Gary's Bachelor Party

These pictures are long overdue. The first shows a visit from Pastor Bouwers and Mr. Sinke. They came all the way from Jordan Station to visit me at MARS! That was very nice of them and of consistory.... a real blessing!

And this was from a while back. It's of Gary Z's Bachelor party.


Carole said...

Matt!! hows it going?? I linked you to mine, is that ok?? maybe you will post again someday!! :)
maybe we'll see you over the summer?? i will plan a reunion!!

love carole

Carole said...

Matt, me again!! Are you going to update us from out west?? i hope you are doing well and will be able to enjoy it. :) We are praying for you!!

Matt said...

Thanks for the reminder, Carole.

Yes, I'll get around to it. I would say something like "Patience is a virtue", but then again, you've waited a long time. :)

I'll try for this weekend. Bye!