Monday, July 13, 2009

Edmonton Fishing

Today I went fishing with Mr. Klaas VanderVeen and Rev. Pols. The fishing wasn't quite as good as the last time... but we did still make out pretty well, as you can see. These were all the fish we three kept (I didn't catch all of these.... don't worry.) Rev. Pols caught the most as well as the biggest one, which was probably about 3 pounds.

I did do pretty well though, even getting some fish on some of my biggest lures. I tried the Baramundi Mauler, Curt & Jer, but didn't get anything on that one unfortunately. :)

We also saw on the trip two bald eagle's, some loons, and a big white pelican.

Afterwards, we went over to the VanderVeen's and had a nice dinner there together (Mr. and Mrs. VanderVeen, Rev. & Mrs. Pols, and Kevin VanderVeen, a grand-son).

This picture is of the bright yellow canola fields on the way home. Beautiful!


Curt said...

Nice Matt! Is this another fishing trip you had there, or the one you were talking about before? Sounds like you had lots of action!

Matt said...

This was the second fishing trip with Mr. Vander Veen.