Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Flatlands

Pictures from the "Land of the Living Sky" (Saskatchewan license plate motto).

This picture reminded me of the marshes in LOTR. Dad would probably be horrified that I'm comparing real experience to movies, but ah well. :)

This was what a good number of my pictures look like before editing. :)

The ubiquitous grain elevator, once again.

One of the river valleys. (Athabasca?)

The Trans-Canada pipeline? No, just some hay bales.

They do everything big in these provinces! This train was actually probably five times as long as what you see.

Borden Bridge.

Some Manitoba farmland. The horizon is at least 10 kilometers away! (I measured.)

Right now I'm at a Day's Inn in Portage La Prairie. Tomorrow night I'll be into Ontario. I'm thinking of sleeping in my car overnight, so you may not hear from me.

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Laurie said...

Glad to see your trip is going well. Hope you get some sleep.