Thursday, December 14, 2006

Funny Faces (Finally)

So here is part of my funny-faces pictures... some of my best ones. I hope you enjoy them! And to anyone who's featured here, I hope you don't get too annoyed with me... all I can say is if you pictures like this of me or others, then go ahead and post them! It's a lot of fun! :D :D :D

Laurie has some good ones here too at her blog.

Just to clarify, I don't think there is any editing done on any of these except for cropping.

Single Shots

Dad, who can pull off some of the most amazing faces I've ever seen. (Yes, that was a big fish, but not ...that... big.)

Jorge, a good friend from Mexico, practicing to be an opera singer. (Actually, Josh B was trying to steal his nose :) ).

Steve... always stands out in a crowd, eh?

My new cousin Joseph, VERY happily married to Sarah out West.

Two's A Pair, Three's Company

My dear brother and his wife. They are one of a kind, eh? :)

Like brother, like sister? (The picture of Rachel on the right was posed for last year's Boxing Day 'Movies'. You can find the pictures on

Jason & Stef. Believe it or not, this was NOT planned.

Kevin and Dan, brothers.

Mark showing one of his skills and Ruth's reaction. (Well... not really, but the pic's do go together well.)

One of my all time favorites.

My sisters and niece all having a "blonde moment". (This one's compliments of Curt.)

And lest I make too many enemies (though I think it's too late already), here's one to make fun of me too. :)


melissa said...

Wow...those are good!

Anonymous said...

hey Matt!
i had to laugh when i saw those pics! hilarious... i didn't even know you have a blog!!!
if you're not busy tonight, feel free to come to our LOTR party. i believe Ruth is coming too. fun times ahead!!!!

Mike said...

Oh my, speechless.

Gloria said...

Wow Joseph really had a bad hair day... And Marks picture kind of freaked me out.

~Marie~ said...

WOw! Those are awesome!!

Chrissy said...

Hey Matt! Nice blog... and VERY funny pics! I especially like the ones of Curt and Jen - kind of like two peas in a pod, eh? :D
And then there are Chris and Rach... 1,000 words cannot describe those great shots!

CalG said...

haha matt, u got no good ones of me

Steffi said...

nice, Matt....very nice....I waited for this, not realizing I was included! lol

Matt said...

Thanks for everyone's comments! Yeah, it was a lot of fun hearing everyone's reactions. Cal, I actually do have a couple good ones of you... but from what I saw, I think Stef's picture of the chubby bunny was the best. :) Stef?

Mark's picture turned out pretty neat, eh? I used a setting where it uses the flash, but then leaves the shutter open... so the end result looks like something out of a horror movie. Sorry Mark. :)

Lizzi said...


and you said you didn't want a blog?!

Steffi said...

The chubby bunny pictures were of my brother Jason and Albert, and yeah they were pretty good! :) Maybe I'll post them some time.

Melissa said...

I was going to say...I was there and I was sure that it was Jason and Albert...

Good times!

Matt said...

Lol... Those ones of Jason and Albert were good, but that wasn't what I was thinking. I was thinking of the one of Calvin at this past YP's banquet.

Anonymous said...

¿Nuevo poste por favor?

Krista said...

THose were hilarious...I was laughing so hard, ppl at work were giving me looks lol.

I love that pic of Andrea and Nik...and was that John too??? I can't believe how long his hair was!

Matt said...

Yup, that was John... Yeah, I love that one too. :) I don't know how they all managed to synchronize their faces like that.

Steve said...

Hmm...I will do my utmost to humliate you on my blog in the near future. :)

Isn't laughing a wonderful exercise?


Mark R said...

very nice compilation. I'm flattered by the inclusion!

Cheers Matt!