Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Our New Home

30 comments so far, and growing! It would be interesting to stop writing and see what that number grows to! :) Ruth has definitely done her ad campaign well. So here I am writing away on a blog that I never expected to be on. I suppose that you won for now, Ruth, but I'll find a way somehow or other to get the upper hand. Maybe some pictures from my 'Funny Faces' album would do the trick.... :)

Anyways, as some people might know, and some people might not, we have moved! We now live in Jordan Station, close to St. Catherines, ON. It's in a tiny subdivision out in the middle of vineyards. Dad walks back and forth to school every day and we've been walking to church too! It's very nice to live so close... much different from Dundas days.

As per Curt's request, here's some pictures of the main floor:

And Curt, here are two pictures of the downstairs appartment. (Sorry, I couldn't find any nice ones of the kitchen area... it's on the right of the first picture.) Mom took these pictures before we bought the house, so the stuff isn't ours. I hope you don't mind a nice, PINK room! It will certainly wake you up in the morning!

I can't say I like the colors of most of the rooms, but other than that, I do like the new place, especially being so close to everything (except work, that is). Now Ruth and I are both prescribing the exact opposite course we did all through high-school! (Before we drove from Hamilton to Jordan St every day, and now we're both driving from Jordan St. to Hamilton every day!) :) But we are very thankful for where we are now. God has definitely blessed us in
giving us a home right next to the school and church.

It's 11:24pm and I am beginning to remember why I didn't want to start a blog. I guess I had better sign off here. ¡Hasta luego a todos!


Gloria said...

Funny faces album. Okay now that would be interesting. You new house looks pretty cool by the way.

Steffi said...

Looks like a really nice place...I'm looking forward to getting to see it soon! Oh, and I'm with Gloria about the "funny faces album" would be interesting to see some examples!

Melissa said...

Nice! Did you say the pink room was yours?

Crystal said...

Welcome to blogging Matt! I am just stopping by to say hi and welcome. I am a friend of the reimers and tend to comment on blogs even if I haven't ever met the people so never fear...I am not a salesman or a spammer! Maybe a little stange but generally harmless. LOL Your new house looks really nice and i am happy to hear that you are all moved and settling in successfully. I have been keeping up on the progress of your move through Ruth's blog.

Curt & Jen said...

Thanks Matt!! We look forward to the newly painted walls of the apartment(or at least the presently pink ones) when we come in a week and a bit. ;)

It's great to see what the house looks like on the outside - thanks to Ruth!

Ruth said...

Speaking of "elitist blogs", yours doesn't allow anonymous comments either... which has been met with disapproval. And I quote, "Do you think it very charitable for him to inflict the same misery on others who are holding out, just because he felt forced to create a blog? :)"
Hmm, might want to do something about that! As for the funny faces album --that road goes two ways!

Matt said...

Hello Rachel, (if you're reading this...) I'm sorry!! I know exactly how you feel about now being able to comment. I have rectified the situation, so that now you can comment away!

And to everyone else... yes, I think this definitely calls for some action. Funny faces coming soon!

Ruth said...

I feel a twinge of disappointment; I thought that perhaps once, as your blog-experienced sister, I would be able to direct YOU. No chance tho; my self-esteem is truly crushed :(

~Marie~ said...

Cool! The house looks nice. I especially like 'your' room!