Saturday, August 30, 2008

Camping Trip To Thousand Islands

Two weeks ago, the three kids of our family (Jer, me, and Ruth) went on a camping trip to the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence. (Well, one of the islands anyways.) We had a very relaxing enjoyable time, filled with snorkelling in our wetsuits (we sure put those to good use), some fishing, and enjoying ourselves. I've been meaning to post about this for a while, but here are some pictures. I did take an underwater camera, but we haven't filled it up yet, so I don't have any pictures of those unfortunately.

It's a beautiful park, good fishing, great snorkelling, fairly quiet. (There are a lot of boats that go by during the day however.)

Yes, we did do other things besides fish.

Jer and I caught this one trolling. I forget the size... something like 3.5 lbs? (For the record, I caught this one, even though Jeremy's holding it. :) )

Go west, young man... where did that quote come from, anyways?

This fungus was HUGE, probably about 1.5 feet across.

Ruth took this beautiful sunset picture.


Curt and Jen said...

Did you eat that pike? Did you catch many other fish?

Curt and Jen said...

oh, and nice pics btw!

Matt said...

We did eat that pike. We caught another one a little smaller than that (with my hands!) and some smaller fry.