Wednesday, August 27, 2008


... just a note to say that Steve has pictures of the Seminary Retreat up on his blog:


Curt said...

What's up with the way they dress down there? Y'all look like you're on your way to the beach. Should be wearing dress pants and collared shirts!!

Matt said...

Well... that was a retreat. But the dress is definitely more casual here than I was expecting.

How did you dress? I wore jeans today for the first time. :) Jeans and a dress-shirt, I guess, are okay here. I'm sure Ruth will love that... she was always making fun of 'the Gennum dress code'. :)

Ruth said...

LOL, so you've been blogging... And how! What a LOT of posts! I feel left in the dark :) Hmmm, I'm sure Curt will have lots to say about the MARS dress code --especially when he smarted under the Southern manners of Greenville. And so the Gennum dress code lives on... I could say lots about that, but you've heard it all already :)
Looks like you're not languishing as you're far away from home! We're happy about that, but the "only child" misses her siblings, and the parents are pretty much the same :) Have fun though Matt!