Saturday, August 23, 2008

Seminary Life

Steve and I have been doing pretty well by ourselves so far. Steve makes these amazing power drinks made of beets and carrots and all sorts of other fruit... they taste amazing. We've been eating pretty well too... here's a picture of our last supper.

But just today both of us needed haircuts, so we went to a place in a mall. I don't think either of our barbers had ever cut many heads of hair like ours, and they both took quite a long time cutting. Steve's turned out pretty well, but I think my barber was a little lost... half of my head on the top was buzzed, while the front was clipped, allowing for a nice big cluft of hair (like Tintin). :)

Here's two pictures of the 20 dollar haircut:

And here's a picture after the fix up job in the bathroom.
Steve and I had a good laugh about this one! :)


Dad and Mom said...

Thought you might have suggested that you were missing your Mommy! (in her barbering capacity, I mean) You are obviously not needing her culinary skills :(

Jeremy said...

Someone's looking good for seminary! Hope all is going well in your role, as you currently try to double for Amy :^)